Here’s a fundamental energy training principle

There’s a fundamental principle for you to follow in whatever training you are doing, but particularly all those related to energy:

Awareness (and observation) over theory.

It doesn’t matter how well the theory sounds logical and perfect if you can’t feel it.

It doesn’t matter if the chakras have 10 petals, 8 petals, are red or blue, if you can’t feel or see them.

It can all be true and perfectly valid, but you need to work with your own awareness from where you are, as opposed to where you would want to be.

Yet, when you are working with some theoretical model, you feel the need to “fit” your experience to the model.

Conditioning your own awareness.

But the problem comes after. When the practices start to become harder and harder, your awareness will break down. No benefits will come to you.

I remember a student who was a yoga teacher, so he had plenty of chakras metaphors and other apparent energetic insights.

All I needed to do was to explore his own energetic awareness to discover that he didn’t even felt the differences between the energy centers in his body, despite visualizing every single one everyday and studying them at length.

And because he couldn’t feel them, he couldn’t work with them.

If there’s one thing we know is that if you are working with energy, feeling is paramount.

Who cares if the theory is logical, ancient or spectacular if you can’t really work with it?

The goal is not to pass an exam to get a job. The goal is your own self-improvement and the respective benefits in life.

If you don’t get them, who cares about the perfect theoretical energy model?

You need to begin to awaken your inner feeling. Your body and energy. Feeling them at depth.

Only then will you be able to work with energy.

Not before.

This particular student skyrocketed his progress when he started to work with open energetic practices designed to simply increase his internal awareness. Then all his years of practice finally came together.

He could finally feel the postures, the exercises and so on. It wasn’t just doing them for the sake of doing – because it was required by the model. He was feeling them.

We have a lot of “open” practices and exercises precisely to avoid that. We always encourage you to feel whatever you are feeling inside. All our energetic trainings start precisely with these type of practices and you should revert back to them whenever you need.

I know I do.

When I encounter a road block on my awareness and energetic practice, the first thing I do is go back to these simple and basic energetic awareness exercises.

Yes, the very same ones you learn on the beginning of most of Charisma School energy trainings like the Vitality and Energy Training.

They give me the perspective I need to go further.

So if there’s one thing you take from this email be it always: awareness over theory.

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