High Sexual Energy

Here’s an interesting question from a reader of this newsletter:“Is it possible to have high amounts of sexual energy without having sex?”

Definitely yes.

In fact, Freud discovered this in the early 1900s.

He discovered a condition with women who are exactly like this, high sexual energy yet they run away from actual sex.

These are called hysterical women.

These women attract men like bees to honey but never truly have fullfilling sex with any of them. When they do have sex, it’s an awkward experience and not satisfying for anyone.

The sexual energy in them is fully unconscious. They enjoy the feeling of projecting it and feeling it in their body, yet they avoid the act of physical sex.

They only enjoy the chase, since this is what brings that familiar and blissful feeling of
sexual energy.

Once it’s necessary to act on it, they back off, afraid and tense.

That’s why it’s necessary to fully accept sexual energy and all it’s ramifications: physically,
emotionally and energetically.

Only this way you can have a healthy sexual life from the attraction to the bedroom.

Many individuals have only a few developments of sexual energy. Some can only be sexual in the bedroom, others in the attraction phase and others completely repress this energy in all its aspects.

If you can’t accept and unleash the sexual energy, aspects of the attraction, seduction and sexuality will not be functioning at optimum levels.

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