Higher goals or lowering the bar

I’ve often been asked whether we should set higher goals, which are almost unrealistic, or lower the bar, setting our expectations lower.

The first option has an interesting logic: “Shoot for the moon, and if you miss, you’ll still be in the stars.” This means that even if you don’t completely reach your goal, you’ll still be in a very good position.

An example would be: “I want to make a billion dollars.” Even if you don’t make it, you most likely will still be wealthy with a few million dollars.

The second option allows you to have a more grounded and solid approach where you can clearly grasp the path leading up to it.

An example would be: “I want to make 20,000 dollars” – or whatever amount you feel you could easily earn.

Yet, these approaches are not incompatible.

You can still set the highest possible aspirations and goals, yet you define ACHIEVABLE tasks on the tasks you need to do in your daily life.

If you say that you want a billion dollars and that’s it, it will be a big stretch for your mind to see a clear path – you’ll probably be paralyzed in your daily life. But if you set this as an ultimate goal but start to plan for your first 20,000, your mind will accept it much better.

It’s not about lowballing it or setting meager expectations; it’s setting the tasks that you can actually do with the constraints that you have in your daily life.

A billion could be the final goal you want to get. But maybe 20,000 is what you can clearly see the path right now and take action on.

This simple “trick” has different mental and energetic workings built into it. We’ll take a look at them in our following email.

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