Holding on to your past

Energetic blocks and leaks are the literal definition of holding on to the past.

You learned unconscious ways of defending yourself, of closing yourself down energetically, during the early years of your life. These were the best ways you knew how to protect yourself.

And that’s perfectly fine.

You had no other way of protection, nor did you have much knowledge about the world, so that’s what you came up with.

The problem is that you still hold on to them to this day, even though you now have many other tools.

Now, you can protect yourself much better, yet you still use the same mechanisms you came up with when you were five years old.

The problem is that they are entirely unconscious. In many situations, you have no idea what you are doing and why you behave like that.

And even if you somehow knew the cause, if you don’t go to the energetic causes of it, it will remain an intellectual knowledge – hence, not much you can do with it.

Our goal with courses like The Unblocking Process is precisely to go to the bare bones, to the foundations of your energy system, and to stop using ineffective defense mechanisms from your past.

Disassembling them and creating new ways of energetic flow inside yourself is necessary.

The goal of unblocking is precisely this. Sometimes, you must go deeper into your energetic system and mind, which is difficult. Still, it’s essential to stop repeating the same patterns repeatedly.

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