How do you attract someone without showing your intention?

Here’s an interesting question from a student:

“How do you attract someone without showing your intention?”

This fairly common.

It happens when you have someone around you who you want to attract but you want to be safe and not show your true intentions – at least until she shows you that she is also attracted.

So you don’t want to directly invite her out or directly flirt with her.

It can happen for many reasons: maybe it’s the girlfriend of someone else, maybe it’s a tricky situation with your friends, maybe it’s a coworker… and you showing your sexual intention and not being corresponded would ruin some part of your social or professional life.

So you can’t exactly start hitting on her directly and need to be more covert.

This is more common than you may realize, as many people have “secret crushes” on others around them and they can’t say anything.

The answer to this is straightforward.

But it’s important to be clear on something since this situation raises an important problem with sexual energy.

IF you can’t openly flirt with her for some personal reason, BUT you are also hiding or avoiding your sexual energy overall, then there’s no solution for it.

You’re simply be an asexual guy.

There will be little chance of something happening. You are blocking all expressions of sexual energy of going out, so attraction will be terribly hard.

Yet.. even though you aren’t openly flirting and asking her out, you can still express and project your own sexual energy.

As we’ve seen before – and as we work in Become a Sexual Man -, you can be projecting a high degree of sexual energy as you are talking about the weather tomorrow or about last night’s episode of a popular TV show!

So, you can NOT hit on her but still be overall (very) sexual. Because that’s the way you are. You aren’t being like that with her, your behavior is not different. You are sexual with everyone – with an extra spice with her.

And this way, you can very easily create attraction.

Then it’s fairly simply to go from there. I’m sure you can very easily notice her attraction and you can from there.

It’s completely different if you NOT hit on her but also avoid sexuality overall. How will she feel something from you? How will she feel attraction? There’s nothing. It’s like she’s interacting with a wall that doesn’t project any type of sexuality.

So you’ll be the “friend” forever.

On that situation, there’s little solutions for you since you are cutting off the expression of your sexual energy.

Remember that avoiding of this direct approach is NOT an avoidance of sexual energy and sexual projection. This overall avoidance is what’s reducing your attractiveness.

So, if this is your standard mode of action, meaning, if not showing your intention is the way you ALWAYS do, – in other words, you rarely show your sexual intentions and constantly block the expression of your sexual energy -, then you know something is wrong and most likely you have deep internal blocks that need to be handled with a training like Sexual Energy Mastery.

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