How do you see progress

A common question that I often get is something along the lines of “how do you see progress?”

The answer is the same regardless of what you are practicing (although in the Magnetic Gaze, the system has built in “tests” that allow you to check whether you are accomplishing the goals and evolving in the strength of your gaze).

There’s always an internal sense of progress and external objective events.

First the internal sense of progress is when the feeling of yourself starts to change.

You feel different.

Maybe it’s something in your eyes, maybe it’s the way you carry yourself, maybe it’s how you move, maybe it’s how you interact with others.

Or all of them. You recognize something is different.

But even this requires some awareness increase. Since the progress is often slow, and this feeling, since it grows over time, is often overlooked.

It’s only when you look back and compare yourself to what you were before, or how you felt or reacted that you notice the difference.

It’s common to have this pointed out by others as opposed to you feeling it. It’s just your new normal and it doesn’t seem anything different.

Like the frog who is inside a pan with water starting to boil. The frog doesn’t notice the water getting hot so it doesn’t jump outside. It simply notices a progressive increase of heat and when the water it’s boiling hot it’s already too late.

Here it’s similar – although it’s a positive situation!

The changes are often slow and gradual, so we only notice them ourselves when it’s already very evident to everyone else.

Which leads us to the second part: the external progress.

With magnetism, you’re not aiming at just a nice feeling inside. As good as it may be, I’m sure you want more out of it.

You want real concrete changes in your ability to influence the world around you.

Therefore, if you are able to use the techniques in the world and have results, then you know you’re having progress.

If you are failing often when you are attempting the techniques, then you know you need work.

It’s also not hard to see progress when you have a journal. Particularly when you re-read older entries and compare to the new ones.

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