How energy blocks are created

In the last email, we discussed energy blocks and their strong effect on our everyday lives.

Now we need to understand how they are created.

Energy blocks are nothing more than defense mechanisms. If you think about it, what’s the number one thing you do if someone attempts to attack you (and you can’t dodge)?

You contract to be able to better withstand the punch.

This is a natural reaction from our body.

We contract to defend ourselves.

Sometimes in our early life, we contract to defend ourselves in certain situations. They don’t necessarily mean someone attacked you physically (although that can happen). It could be verbal or psychological. It doesn’t even mean the other person meant it as an attack.

Sometimes the most straightforward events can impact our body and energy.

And because you didn’t know how to defend yourself (how could you?), you contracted internally. Prepared for impact.

Then, as time went by, that area you naturally used for that situation ended up being used each time something remotely similar happened. Maybe it was not your father screaming at you; perhaps it was a teacher or your boss. And each time, you reinforced that same energy block.

That’s why it’s perfectly normal for specific memories to come to mind when we work with energy blocks. They are created from these memories.

Sometimes it’s pretty tricky to let go of them and de-condition your body to “defend” in this particular way. But this is necessary to allow your energy to circulate and your magnetism to fully shine.

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