How important is rest for energy awareness

Here’s an interesting question from a student:

“But I also see that it is a lot more difficult to feel sexual energy when tired or exhausted. How important is rest to be able to feel sexual energy?”

The reason you’re having more trouble feeling energy (not just sexual energy, but any type of energy) when you are tired or exhausted, it’s not about the sexual energy in itself.

Sexual energy (and whatever other type of energy) is always there inside of you.

It can grow less (or more) in particular situations – which make it harder (or easier) to feel, but it’s constantly there.

Your body needs these energies in order to function.

The reason you have a harder time feeling it, it’s mostly due your ability to focus, which reduces drastically if you don’t have enough rest.

Particularly in an earlier phase where being aware of sexual energy is still not that natural for you (hence requires a larger focus), it’s perfectly normal that awareness is harder when you don’t have enough rest.

With a better and improved awareness, it will become easier, even with little rest.

But simply put, the more strain you need to put on your focus, the harder it will be if you are not well rested.

There are ways to counterbalance it with the Will but it’s always a larger strain.

I always prefer to work WITH my body rather than against it. If I can make things easier with simple lifestyle changes – which include sufficient rest on most days -, then I will.

Working with energy is hard enough as it is, you don’t need extra difficulties – except on specific situations and exercises.

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