How important is social status for sexual attraction?

Here’s an interesting question from a student:

“Is your social status important for sexual attraction?”

Social status is the same as most of the other external means of attraction just like good looks, being rich, have a great body and so on.

It’s all good and it helps if you have them, but it’s not the main attraction factor.

Nor would you be excluded if you don’t have the right “social status” or a large bank account.

It can help you get that first look or get your foot in the door. But if true sexual magnetism is not there… she will simply lose interest after a while.

The affairs of the wives of rich business men – with zero sexual magnetism – with the pool boys – with high sexual magnetism – are so common whole TV series and movies were made with this plot line.

The main attraction factor is always how sexual you are and how well you can project your sexuality.

You can be cutting lawns or cleaning up pools and that is not a problem.

But don’t get me wrong… sexual magnetism is not about how much you talk about sex or how sexually direct you can be.

Far from it! You can do both of these things and don’t have one ounce of sexual magnetism.

Sexual magnetism is being able to project sexual energy. And this is not related to the CONTENT of your interaction.

So you don’t need to be talking about sex all the time.

In fact you could be talking about all the boring aspects of the life of King George III during the whole interaction and still project a good deal of sexual energy and get a high sexual attraction level.

It’s about HOW you are talking and interacting. It’s about the subtext of the interaction. Not the content.

So please don’t tell anyone that Bruno from Charisma School told you to talk and think about sex all the time. This is a complete misinterpretation from what sexual magnetism actually is.

It’s the quality of your energy, of your movement and voice. What’s interesting is that sexual magnetic men and women are like that with everyone. Not just with someone they are sexually interested (although they obviously increase the intensity in that context).

You can really understand that with Sexual Energy Mastery and Become a Sexual Man. First, in Sexual Energy Mastery, you feel sexual energy inside of you, unblocking the most pressing blocks that are preventing sexual energy to flow freely inside, and then you develop your ability to fully project it in Become a Sexual Man.

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