Here’s an interesting question by a reader of this newsletter:“How can I avoid being influenced by other people?”

There’s constant stream of energy currents in all interactions. Each person you connect with,
has a measure of influence in them.

On most interactions it can be an unconscious influence, but it’s still an influence.

You are also projecting your own influence on all the interactions in your day.

It can be weak or strong, good or bad, sexual or asexual, angry or happy, but it’s present.

The same with everyone else.

Projection and influence is present everywhere and in all interactions.

When you understand the rules of personal magnetism, start to become aware of it in your everyday life and actually start to develop it, the answer to your question will be obvious.

Developing your own Personal Magnetism and Inner Power is the best course of action to stop being influenced by others.

You start to become fully awake to the underlying vibrations and energies which are predominant in all interactions, and will be able to choose whether you want to be influenced by other person’s energy or not.

You can also choose which kind of influence you want to project to others.

Sexual, Powerful, Angry, Natural, Happy and so on.

These are all possible choices.

But now at least you can have a choice instead of randomly being influenced by others and your own random moods.

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