Have you noticed the more productive people always find the time to fit one more thing in their already fully
booked day?This happens because the stronger your active state is, the better you can schedule your time and take advantage of all the little moments of your life.

This is not to say that being productive is the same as being active. But it’s usually a consequence.

Yet, the active state is much more than being productive. As we see it, it’s also a demonstration of your own
inner power.

To go from a passive state to an active state, you certainly need a firm inner voice, a control over your own states, an attention development, and most importantly, a training of the Will.

This goes much further than just a simple change of states or drinking a coffee.

It’s re-training your brain to be active when it should be active, instead of being dormant and zombie like mode.

This is an integral part of any charisma and magnetism training as discussed in pretty much all the classic texts on personal magnetism.

You can’t be magnetic yet still a zombie.

Magnetism demands someone who is ALIVE and fully AWAKE. Atkinson tells you this, Shaftesbury tells you this and pretty much any New Thought author who focus on personal magnetism.

There’s a certain vibrant quality in a magnetic person. This person is fully active in his or her day to day life, doing what he’s supposed to be doing and what makes sense for him.

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