How to Become Sexually Attractive

While everyone else is still in hanging on to “dating advice”, in pickup lines, or NLP patterns to seduce and attract, you can be one step above all that.Going straight through the source: transforming your own energy to become sexually attractive.

What exactly does this means?

It means that your energy will have a “sexual flavor”.

We all have a certain energy surrounding our body. It gets transmitted through our voice, touch, gaze, and movement. The “flavor” or quality of this energy is generated through our thoughts, emotions, behaviors and so on.

Which means that if you’re constantly feeling depressed, thinking depressed or negative thoughts, and having negative behaviors, others will also perceive you as being a negative or depressed person.

Some may even consider you as an “energy vampire”, since you will lower other people’s energy.

This seems only common sense right?

Yet, when I get asked about attracting people of the opposite sex, students usually expect a quick and easy answer of some sort of gimmick like a pickup line or a NLP technique.

I wish it was this way, but the truth of the matter is, no amount of gimmicks or random techniques will work with you if your energy is NOT sexually attractive.

Or, let me rephrase that: it may even work for some limited time, but you’ll never become a truly sexual person who easily attract others around him like bees to honey.

You can only achieve this with a full transformation of your own magnetism and energy which means an acceptance and development of the sexual energy, a natural projection of sexual energy, a change of your own thoughts, feelings and behaviors to those with a sexual quality.

This way you’ll develop a high sexual magnetism since your energy has this “sexual quality” which everyone is seeking in a partner.

This is what we start to train in the Sexual Magnetism training course. More information here:

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