How to Change Your Personal Magnetism

There is an interesting story from a Charisma School student. He worked in a reception desk of an office and he hated his job.He was constantly with a negative state of mind. He constantly thought negative things about the people around him and had an overall negative vibration that pulled people away from him.

As you probably know by now, it’s very hard to maintain any kind of magnetic state this way.

Once he started with the 10 Steps and realized the importance of his own inner state, he gradually started to change how he thought, felt and behaved.

Even though his outside conditions remained the exact same (same work, same coworkers, same friends), his internal world was radically shifting.

And because of this, his magnetism and charisma completely transformed!

– People who didn’t greet him before, now became friends.

– His job became much more interesting and a good way for him to practice his own magnetic skills (so he completely changed the way he looked at his job).

– Even outside of work, everyone started to become much more friendly to him.

– Strangers started conversations with him out of the blue.

– Got two new job offers!

Nothing of the sort happened with his previous negative state of mind.

Yes, it took time and persistence but it was well worth it.

This was a good example of how someone can change his own magnetism and even the overall happiness levels without changing any kind of external conditions.

Start the Personal Magnetism path with the training course 10 Steps to Inner Power.

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