How to get a powerful feeling

Yesterday we talked about the active state and how it’s a big key in getting things done.

For those with an already naturally passive mind, it’s definitely an effort to get into active state most of the time – but it’s a big one that pays off big dividends in the future.

It’s an effort true… but the most important one you can have in your life!

When we start to get our power back, by turning on our active state, reducing the “mind entertainment” and increasing the “mind Will”, it creates quite a good and powerful feeling, which can lead to the conclusion that this active state is a much more natural state for all of us.

It’s not a big stretch of logic. After all… as Darwin said with the survival of the fittest, we evolved to be active and actively USE energy and Will, not to stay still and passive!

Especially as we use the active state and our Will in our daily lives, we become much more productive and overall more powerful, since we’re actually using our Will to accomplish what we truly want to accomplish.

And each time that you accomplish something by the sheer power of the Will, your Inner Power grows and you feel it inside of yourself. You feel good.

This powerful feeling only depends on yourself and no one else. It’s up to you do behave one way and not another. It’s up to you to do the exercises, to do your work as opposed to browsing on facebook.

That’s the most important thing to realize regarding the active state: there’s many exercises and techniques to aid you along this journey back to full Will and active state, yet, they all depend on you actually wanting to do it regardless of whatever is happening or how you feel about it.

More on this tomorrow!

To understand more about the Will, check out 10 Steps to Inner Power:

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