How to get out of the rut

I’m sure you’ve been through situations where regardless of what you did, you couldn’t get out of some situation!It’s called being in a rut and we’ve all been there.

Some people stay in this rut their whole lives.

They just accommodate to that situation and stay within their comfort zone, without ever leaving.

They rationalize the situation and discover different types of excuses so they never have to get out of their comfort zone.

Let’s say you had a dream of owning your own business. So, you’ve tried to build your own company and failed. And then, to make some money, you ended up in a nice stable job.
Instead of trying again and pursue your dream, you just rationalize that you’re not cut out for being an entrepreneur or it’s too hard, or the economy harms the small entrepreneurs. Among other excuses.

You can also settle in a bad relationship to avoid getting yourself out there again. Or settle in a bad job when you can find a much better one. There can be all kinds of situations.

Get out of this rut may not be so easy.

It requires a change in your own mind, body and energy. At least if you don’t want to get back onto a similar rut (let’s say a similar bad job, or a similar bad relationship)

That’s the hard part.

And without a specific guidance, it’s very hard to accomplish.

You simply don’t know how to do it differently. If you’ve been tying your shoelaces one way your whole life, most likely you know of no other way of tying them. You’ll need to seek instruction and to learn.

It’s the same with your thinking, with your behaviors, and with your energy.

That’s why we created all our training courses. To help you overcome your limitations and start to act in a way which is more suitable to your objectives in life!

Tomorrow I’ll tell you my own personal story of how I got out of the rut.

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