How to Handle Criticism

No one likes to be criticized. Especially when you know it’s not constructive criticism, but instead it’s merely used to put you down.

It has a negative energy behind it.

Especially if it comes from someone close to you – and often -, it can be very toxic and a problem for your own inner power.

But depending on how you handle the criticism, and who criticizes, you can handle it in a better or worse way.

Usually people take this negative criticism and they feel bad.

They absorb the negativity that comes from the person who is criticizing. Usually this is paralyzing or induces anxiety.

But absorption of this toxic energy is the worst way you can handle it.

Letting it pass you, like a blow of wind, would be better.

But there’s even a better way:

Several high performing athletes, business men, professionals in several areas, actually take this criticism and use it to fuel their motivation to succeed.

I’m sure that if I mentioned some names you would know them.

The more they are criticized, the bigger their energy and motivation gets.

It’s like they perform better when they have criticism. They try harder to shut up all the critics and the voices of negativity.

In that sense, criticism is a good thing for them.

It’s fuel to an already driven motivation and energy.

They train harder, they try harder and accomplish more, just to shut up the voices of criticism.

Of course, if you ask them, most likely they would deny it. Yet, more than the cheers of support, criticism moves them in a powerful way.

This is an efficient way of transmuting a negative energy that comes your way from other people: using it to fuel your accomplishments.

I understand this is easier said than done. If it doesn’t come naturally to you, most likely you will only be able to achieve with a good mastery over your own mindset, Will and energy. Which is what you start to train in the 10 Steps to Inner Power.

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