How to Handle Paralyzing Doubts

We all have paralyzing doubts in some moments of our lives. Whether if it’s too choose a college major or a job, or a business, or even simple tasks of the day to day life.Most likely you can identify this paralyzing doubt at some point of your life. It’s the kind of doubt where you simply won’t move and your mind is kept constantly analyzing scenarios and ideas without ever reaching a conclusion.

In short: You don’t know what is the right path and because of doubt, paralysis is the outcome… you don’t move one way or the other.

As time goes by, your sense of inner peace vanishes, since you live with a constant doubt troubling your mind. Should I do this? Should I do that? Should I stay put and NOT do anything?

At some moment you notice that NOT deciding is a worst fate than a wrong decision.

The secret to solving this paralyzing doubt is always by TAKING ACTION.

There’s no other way, either from your end or from the outside, some action will have to be taken so this doubt is ended.

It can be a wrong action, that’s a possibility. But a wrong action is better than not doing anything and keeping with the paralyzing doubt. At least you will learn from a wrong action. From paralyzing doubt, you won’t learn anything and your inner peace will suffer.

Sometimes it’s even taking an action of NOT taking action. You simply decide NOT take any kind of action for the time being and re-evaluate the situation after some period of time. And that’s ok too! As long as it’s not an infinite and constant delay.

It’s important to clarify that, especially in important decisions, time to think is essential. But you have to consider how much thinking is enough. At some point, we aren’t reaching any further conclusions, regardless of how much we think. This is the signal that it’s time to act one way or the other.

Or as Napoleon puts it: “Take time to deliberate, but when the time for action comes, stop thinking and go in”

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