How to improve your energy

We generally know how to improve our health. Eating more vegetables and fruit, eating less processed foods, less sugar, eating smaller meals, exercise regularly, have a good night sleep and so on.

It’s perfectly common to read these kind of advices on many websites, magazines and books.

So you know what to do, if you truly want to.

But what if I asked you: “how do you improve your energy?”

Most likely you would look at me with a blank stare.

There’s very little information – and accurate practical knowledge – about your energetic body. While it’s true that your energetic body involves your body and mind, it also has its own set of rules and advice.

In the western world, our evolution in terms of taking care of ourselves has been evolving from the gross to the subtle.

We started with the discoveries on how to take care of our bodies (the more solid aspect), then – more recently, we started to discover our minds and emotions (the less solid aspect).

The next step is our energy.

This is nothing than other traditions and healing systems across the world haven’t already figured out thousands of years ago. Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine both use the body, mind and energy to influence healing.

They know exactly how to improve your energy.

We can also take matters into our own hands, especially when it’s done to optimize our performance and daily living. But first you need to gain awareness of it. If you can’t feel it, you can’t really know if you what you’re doing is working or not (other than a general feeling of well being).

That’s the goal of our course, Vitality and Energy Training. With it, you learn how to feel and become fully aware of your energy, as well as to manipulate it to suit your particular goals.

More information here:
>>> Vitality and Energy Training

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