How to Improve your productivity

Concentration training is one of my favourite ones!Having a fully focused, laser targeted mind that allows me to be fully immersed in whatever I choose, gives me a great pleasure.

If there’s something missing in most people nowadays, this is it!

Concentration is hard to acquire now and in the past, but if in the past was hard, now it’s much harder.

Our society should be called the “distracted society”. There are calls for our attention everywhere. Even if we don’t leave our house, we still have to battle the 1000 channels TV, the distractibility powerhouse which is the internet and our cell phone with it’s highly engaging apps.

How can anyone truly focus on something any longer?

I was talking to a CS student the other day, and he was telling me how much more productive he is since he started training concentration and how he is standing out in his job because of it.

He was always an average worker. Never truly being extraordinary. Now he “graduated” from average to “very good”, simply by training his attention, focus and nothing else.

Such is the importance of this training!

Most of us work with our minds. We don’t work with our hands anymore. Very few people reading this will do any kind of manual labor for a living.

Not that there’s anything wrong with it, it’s just not very common among CS students and readers.

Yet, we don’t do much to hone the tools of our craft; on this case, our minds.

Your mind is the main tool that you use in your work. It’s only natural that a stronger, fitter and versatile mind gives you an improved outcome as you do your job.

The attention and concentration training is the foundational ground upon which further mind developments can grow.

It’s the improvement you can make to yourself that gives you the more “bang for your buck”. With it, a whole new world of opportunities open up.

Your ability to produce improves tenfold!

Although we don’t have a full training devoted to concentration yet (it’s on our plans for 2016!),
we recommend everyone to start with training their Will and Inner Power since it’s a requirement for any kind of mind training.

Start with the 10 Steps to Inner Power here:

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