How to Overcome Resistance

After taking some Charisma School courses, or reaching halfway of them, some people have a tendency to skip some exercises or lessons.

The excuses are plenty: “I don’t really need this one”, “I thought it wasn’t that important”, and so on.

Especially those that create some uncomfortable feelings are very easily skipped.


Because they create an internal change that students are not used to.

They create a feeling of POWER.

And power is not comfortable at first. Especially if you were raised as not having power over yourself and others.

So naturally, the exercises that create or force the power to come out, will be skipped.

As you can imagine, that’s hardly a good course of action.

These exercises get you out of the comfort zone. And everything that gets you out of the comfort zone, will have resistance at first.

This is a resistance that should be analyzed and, above all, overcome.

Why are you really avoiding doing that exercise?

Are you actually avoiding the feelings that come along with it?

Or is there something else?

Don’t just stick with the superficial answer that first comes up. Go a bit deeper. Only this way you’ll get your true answer.

Once you have it, do the specific exercises you are avoiding as often as possible to overcome all the resistance you have to them.

Only this way you can get out of your comfort zone and really start to develop the feelings of power that you seek.

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