How to Project your energy through your speech

A reader of this newsletter emailed an interesting question:“How would I be able to project my prana through speech? Is there any specific place I have to focus my energy?”

As with all kind of projection work, to project it, you first already need to have developed to a strong enough level of energy in a way that can be felt by you and others.

If the energy is not there, it’s quite hard to project it.

This involves energy work as well as inner power work, since without a powerful and “willful” state, not much can be projected.

It’s not just having the energy in itself, you also need to put yourself in a conductive state that is suitable for the projection.

This is only a logical: you may have all the energy in the world, but if your state is weak, if there’s no enthusiasm, no power, no passion, no confidence, the energy coming out will reflect that.

So, if you already have a well developed energy inside of yourself, you know how to control and summon a powerful will state anytime during your day, it’s time to first play with some easier forms of projections, like the gaze, touch and space.

By doing it this way, your power of projection grows little by little instead of forcing it to make a big leap. With small and progressive exercises in projection everything is much less frustrating.

When all of this is in place, meaning, a well developed will energy inside of yourself, a powerful will state and overall state control, as well as the preliminary projection practices, then everything else is easy!

You just need to focus on the specific point the vibrations of your voice touch the lips as they move out in order to have a more conscious and powerful speech.

If you do this without the previous steps, it also works somewhat as it’s a good concentration practice, but the power of projection is very much reduced.

To learn all of these things in depth, you can start with the projection practices of the Magnetic Gaze Foundations

And then by developing a strong inner power with the 10 Steps to Inner Power:

And then you’ll be ready for a full blown projection training as we do on the Personal Magnetism training course:

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