How to Rely on yourself

One of the biggest characteristics of Inner Power and Personal Magnetism is the reliance and belief in yourself.

It’s a huge mistake in life to allow your happiness and welfare to depend so largely, as most people do, upon one or more persons of your life.

You see this in the reliance of gurus, friends, partners, family, the significant other, bosses, and so on.

They can – obviously – have their part in your life (whether small or big), since most likely you don’t want to be an hermit BUT they shouldn’t be your sole source of power and happiness in life.

They can be more or less significant, and a source of emotional comfort, yet, true power and happiness must be found inside of yourself.

Only inside of yourself can you find the true and PERMANENT source of power and happiness. Everything else that you can find in the external world, is always impermanent and not reliable.

As Frank Haddock says:

“For him who cannot find his own kingdom within, there is no kingdom.”

If you cannot be happy within yourself, no human can make you happy. All your unfoldment must come from your own activity, and the less that activity depends upon the stimulation of others, the more truly are you master.

No man can give you courage. No woman can kill your fears. It’s in your self alone that lie the secret and the power of the conquest of fear for others.

No outside person can give you this permanent happiness or source of power. And demand that others make you happy or powerful is putting undue pressure onto them.

How would you feel if another person’s source of happiness was only dependent on you and nothing else?

Probably not that good. Or maybe your ego might be happy at first, but over time, you’ll start to blame them for it.

Most people end up doing this fairly unconsciously. Their emotional dynamics are lined up in a way that, without realizing, they are giving all their power away.

How do you know if you are doing this?

Ask yourself:

1) Do I OFTEN have strong emotional reactions to others?

2) Is there a particular person or persons that can cause in me FREQUENT strong emotional reactions?

3) Am I happy when I’m alone?

4) Do I feel a strong inner power even if I’m alone in a foreign country?

We talk extensively about this on the 10 Steps to Inner Power. For more information click here:

10 Steps to Inner Power

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