How to Strengthen your Willpower

Will Power is a subdivision of the whole Will concept. It’s not the most important aspect of it, but it’s an essential one. You sure need the fire and strength aspect it brings to the table.

What you need to consider is that Will Power is only strengthened when you’re not really “in the mood”.

I’m sure you think you have have bucket loads of Will Power when you’re filled with energy.

The sun is shining, you had a nice deep sleep, you’re certainly in the mood to go to the gym, go for a run and eat healthy.

But what about next week, when you need to wake up at 6am to go the gym after sleeping 4 hours, feel groggy and its pouring outside?

Not much in the mood to get dressed and go jog now right?

This is precisely when you should strengthen your Willpower.

You don’t train your Will when you are filled of motivation, energy and in the mood to do something.

If you feel like doing something, then you don’t really need any Will Power. You’re using your natural motivation.

It’s just common sense.

Of course, using your natural motivation is great! Use it and abuse it. Get your natural motivation and positive energy into an all time high!

Nothing wrong with that. In fact, you want to do your best to maximize your conditions where you feel good and filled with vitality.

But we all know this doesn’t happen ALL the time. There are always times when you have something to do and you are not feeling that good.

It’s a normal aspect of being human.

That’s when your Will Power kicks in. This is precisely when you need to remind yourself how important that thing you need to do is. It’s when you need to gather your energy to accomplish it.

Will Power is strengthened when you’re really not in the mood.

When you know you need to write 5 pages of a report, but you don’t really feel like it. That’s when you need the Will Power to get you started.

Of course, you need to consider the situation where you are actually using your Will Power must be sporadic.

If it’s ALWAYS hard for you, and you’re constantly battling with yourself to do (or not do) something, why are you doing it? What’s wrong? Why so much resistance?

That’s a different scenario – the one of the Victorian Will – that must be evaluated and it’s not a correct use of your Will.

What you want to have permanently activated is your true Will (as opposed to the Will POWER). This is what will make Will Power to be used only sporadicly.

If this is confusing to you and these concepts are not yet clear in your mind, make sure that you read this post and watch this video. The distinction between the different types of Will is an important one that must be clear.

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