How to Truly Use Your Energies

Many people actually skip the steps on Inner Power, Will and Mind Power, learning only the energy teachings.It’s so much more fun to start playing around with energies.

And it continues to be fun until they start to try to influence the people around them with these energies.

Then they discover it’s not easy. Something is missing.

Inner power is not only for those people who are afraid to leave the house or to talk with a stranger.

Far from it. It’s for everyone. It’s the very foundation of all type of energy work and personal magnetism.

Without it, personal magnetism is not possible.

Without it, it’s very hard to do any kind of energy work.

If you can’t direct a simple conversation, or lead a friendly group with your Will, control your own thoughts and emotions, increasing your mind power, use your intention or overcome your fears – as we practice on the 10 Steps – obviously don’t expect to use an even subtler energy to do what you are afraid to do overtly and openly.

The energy simply won’t flow with enough strength to influence anything or anyone.

Energy work is always much easier to do when you are already using your intention to manipulate your reality physically; when you are truly grounded to the real world.

When you are using your intention and Will every hour of your day, when you are influencing those around you with your Will alone, when you are shaping reality as you please.

Then energy has enough power to flow!

The best energy workers I knew where all very earthly individuals. Grounded, who claimed their space and were used to influence reality on a day to day basis.

The energy teachings are not a shortcut to magnetism.

They are necessary and fundamental of course. But, Inner Power, Will and mental power PRECEDES the energy teachings.

Energy work is not a replacement for lack of inner power. It complements it, but doesn’t replace it. In other words, if your inner power is not rock solid, don’t expect to do much with your energy.

There’s a reason the 10 Steps to Inner Power training is the Level 1 training.

Start to develop your Inner Power with the 10 Steps to Inner Power training here.

And take the next step (Level 2) to start to project your own magnetism:

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