How to work with your emotions

An important principle for you to understand in personal magnetism and overall understanding of yourself is that first comes your emotions and feelings, and only then, comes your thinking and rationalization.

We would like to consider ourselves as rational and logical individuals. But that’s not entirely correct.

Our emotions dominate us much more than we would like to believe.

There’s no real logic behind getting a Big Mac. It’s unhealthy, there’s barely any real meat, and has a low nutritional value. The only logic available is that it tastes good and it’s cheap!

But this works like everything else, first, you get the desire (feeling), then you rationalize it as something like: “I’m a hurry and this is quicker”, “I don’t have much money on me”, I’ll get a salad instead of fries”.

Another example:

Let’s say a friend of yours with similar qualifications started a job at the same time as you but in a different company. He starts to get promoted, while you are left behind.

Logically, there can be many reasons of why he was promoted and you didn’t: maybe his company promotes easily, maybe he is working more, etc.

Yet, you can’t help but feel bad, even if you know all the logical reasons. And this negative emotion will inevitable influence your relationship with him.

There are plenty of situations where your emotions cloud our judgement and thinking.

On most situations, you feel bad first, then you rationalize it. You find a way to make that bad feeling ok and logical.

But that’s not the most efficient way of handling it. The most efficient way is to feel whatever you are feeling. Allowing the energy of the emotion to rise and die on its own without immediately rationalizing it.

In other words, you work with the energy of the emotion instead of intellectualizing the emotion.

You don’t find justifications and rationalizations, you work with the emotion and then decide a course of action when your mind is clear.

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On the next email you’ll understand why emotion comes first, is a good thing for us!

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