How would you know if the attraction is mutual?

Here’s an interesting question from a reader about sexual energy:

“How would you know if the attraction is mutual?”

Your first goal in training sexual energy is in becoming aware of this energy in yourself.

Without you feeling sexual energy and feeling it well, it’s hard to feel it in others.

Most people don’t understand and don’t know what sexual energy is, even though it’s inside of them almost on a daily basis.

So that’s always where you start. Knowing it deeply and allowing it to flow without restrictions, which is the work done on Sexual Energy Mastery.

Then, after this is accomplished, you can start working on the projection.

This is a different work, this is where you learn how to project your own sexual energy to others in a natural way.

When you are training this, you also develop your ability to recognize the same sexual energy in others. Even going as far as knowing EXACTLY how the person is projecting sexual energy to you. That’s work done in Become a Sexual Man with specific exercises.

It’s a lot of fun when you can recognize this in others. You can learn a lot from the projections of other people.

It’s only a short step to understanding when someone is attracted to you or not.

Not that you don’t know when this happens even without any sexual energy training… most people know when someone else is attracted to them, usually because they watch the other person non-verbal communication.

There are signs like: prolonged eye contact, flirty gestures, a different way of talking and so on.

That’s not hard to know for most people. It doesn’t matter if it’s men or women, but particularly women tend to find it easier to understand when someone is attracted to them. Although pretty much everyone with an average emotional intelligence will get it.

But we want to get it straight from the beginning, not just when there’s already a lot of signs everywhere.

In other words, you want to know the winning lottery numbers BEFORE they are known to everyone else. Only this way can you buy the winning ticket.

That’s what sexual energy brings you: the awareness that this connection is there often even before the other person consciously knows it!

Even before she (or he) starts to consciously flirt with you, you already feel that energetic connection.

This gives you a head-start and you can focus your attention much better without dispersing in other directions, often, missing out in a lot of opportunities!

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