I am magnetic

There’s a large obstacle when developing magnetism.

It’s not about having enough energy.

It’s also not about doing enough exercises.

It’s about accepting your magnetic identity.

Accepting yourself as a magnetic person. Accepting the change in yourself and your relationships.

The most pressing obstacle is this resistance. It’s when you have behaved in one way your entire life that is hard to accept that life can be any different.

It’s only when you accept it, that you become fully magnetic.

Otherwise, you’ll keep going back and forward. Having good experiences but then blocking yourself and reverting back. And it becomes a sort of a ping-pong game.

Magnetic, not magnetic, magnetic, not magnetic, etc…

When you are comfortable and accepting of your own magnetism, this is when others will truly be accepting.

This is when your power actually manifests.

When saying to yourself: “I am magnetic” is no longer something that fills you with some strange feeling, but instead it’s a normal empowering statement.

That’s where you want to be!

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