I only write when I’m inspired

A famous writer’s quote is this one:

“I only write when I’m inspired. Luckily, I am inspired at 9 o’clock every morning.”

We tend to wait for the muse to strike to do what we want. We only exercise when we feel like it. Or diet when we feel like it. Or do a specific exercise when we feel like it.

The problem is that we are inherently unstable. You may be more stable than me, or I more stable than you, but overall, no one feels the same every day.

This makes it quite problematic to be consistent in our actions. Mainly if we only do things when we feel like it.

It tends to be a more recent phenomenon since the sense of duty and work was much more significant in the old days, basically for survival reasons.

If you didn’t plow the fields and milk the cows every morning, your family wouldn’t eat.

Every day was either do or die. There wouldn’t be any procrastination or “motivation problems” for a XI century farmer.

Fortunately, now it is pretty different.

You know you won’t die or your family will starve if you don’t do something. This is, of course, a good thing. But it also opens the door to procrastination and only doing something if you are “feeling” it.

Let’s get this in the open: you won’t “feel it” every single day. The motivation won’t be there every day. The energy won’t be there every day.

Some days will be crappy for various reasons: maybe you didn’t sleep well, had a fight with your partner, or the weather is terrible!

Whatever the reason is, motivation and energy won’t be there. This will happen whether you want to or not.

And those days are precisely when you need to activate your Will to do what you genuinely want to do. Every other day when you are 100% motivated, no Will is required. The energy is already there. The problem is precisely when you don’t feel like it.

This is when the Will is absolutely fundamental. This is the time to disconnect from the part of your brain that tells you: “I don’t feel like it,” and connect to the other – a tiny part of you – that still has the desire to do what you genuinely want to do.

Don’t wait for motivation and energy highs to act on what you want to do. If that were the case, maybe you would only work a few days per month.

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