I was challenged by my friends

A few years after I trained in the techniques and methods of Charisma School and the Magnetic Gaze I encountered a group of old friends that knew me from high school.

My friends still thought of me as the same old and weak Bruno.

Although I was obviously quite different, the people who know you longer, need time to adapt. Often times, they can’t adapt to the new personality and stop being your friends.

We arranged to go out to a bar.

We were happily chatting and a very nice looking girl walked to the counter and I noticed her.

They saw me looking at her and started to tease me to go there and talk to her. The old Bruno would never do that.

I overheard one of them saying to his girlfriend: “he’s still the same old Bruno, he’ll never do anything in a million years”

That’s who I were before. So it was their frame of reference.

I get it now.

But at that time I found it very amusing.

After all the training I had, going there talking with her was a joke!

It wasn’t even a challenge after the gruesome training I had in the past couple of years.

It’s the same as if you had just underwent a bootcamp from the Marines and someone challenges you to do 10 pushups!

10 pushups? You did 1000 a day! Who cares about doing 10 pushups? You don’t even take it seriously.

And especially after she looked me at once, I recognized that look and knew I could get her!

After sensing energies, especially sexual energy for quite some time, you start to know these things very well.

I told them:

“No, I won’t go to her. She will come to me and introduce herself.”

Everyone burst out laughing! One of them even spit his drink through his nose!

“You’re quite confident” they said, while making further jokes. They still thought I was just avoiding to go there, and kept with the jokes.

As they were teasing me, the conversation went on, and I started to apply a combination of techniques from the Magnetic Gaze and Sexual energy with her.

Quite honestly, I wouldn’t even need any technique if I had just simply went over there and talk to her myself. But I wanted my friends to understand that I was different.

Quite a juvenile thought I know… but hey cut me some slack, I was young!

After 15 minutes or so, the girl started coming over. She and her two friends sat on a table close to ours.

She was in a position where she could look at me easily. And she did. Many times. She was hoping that I went there to talk to her. But I didn’t do it, and just continued the sexual energy teasing.

At some moment, I got up to go to the bathroom, when I returned and passed by her table, she “accidentally” dropped her purse right as I was passing her.

I picked it up and gave it to her, we exchanged looks and I walked to my table.

Naturally, my friends noticed it and teased me a hell of a lot more for not having talked to her.

“You can’t do it! You are really hopeless!”, one of them said.

What they didn’t saw, was the note she gave me with her phone number as I gave her the purse!

I could have bragged about it to my friends. After all I fulfilled what I told them. She did came to me.

But that moment, was a decisive one for my training.

I decided to stay quiet.

I noticed how far out of their reality I was at that moment.

The feeling I got was like I had a million dollars on my bank account, but everyone still thought you’re as poor as them. If I told them the truth, they would resent me for it, and leave feeling really bad about their own lives.

So I didn’t said anything.

Let me tell you… my inner power grew tremendously that night as I overcame the need for ego and external

It was an important moment for me and when I truly felt the inner power.

And it’s definitely something worth sharing with you.

Always create your own challenges for yourself and don’t let them be imposed by others since you don’t have to prove anything to anyone.

The only person that needs to know your true power is yourself!

You are what you are. Nobody else has the right to tell you who you need to be. Especially don’t fall prey to the ego gratification traps like I almost did.

But don’t let this be an excuse not to do anything, and fool yourself of your power. Do the challenges, prove it to yourself and no one else.

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