The Importance of Mental Power for Charisma

Why do we, in Charisma School, focus so much in mental power? Afteral, most people who want to be more magnetic don’t necessarily want to waste time developing their mind.

We do it because the power of your mind is closely associated with personal magnetism.

Personal magnetism, as we teach it, is not merely focusing on your body language, empathy and being nice to people. As important as all these things are, there are deeper forces at work for personal magnetism.

How else could we explain the seemingly magical attraction and fascination that some people possess? It’s not because they have an open body language or are friendly with strangers.

Personal Magnetism is a deeper force and must be trained accordingly. To develop you must train your Will, Energy, Projection ability (with the eyes, touch, movement, space, among others).

Mind training and development is what links everything together. Without a firm control and grasp of your mind, you aren’t able to move your energy correctly, to focus your mind, and to project.

Projection of your magnetism always starts in your thoughts and mind. Your thoughts (and your mind in general) have a true power behind them. It’s like they are alive. They help to create your magnetism and “aura”. Thoughts that you emit with persistence attract others of the same nature. That’s the true working of the law of attraction.

If you are more often negative (than positive) in your own thinking, you will attract negative persons to you. And your magnetism is also negative and bad.

If you are more often positive (than negative) in your own thinking, you will attract positive persons to you. And your magnetism is also positive and good.

So, your magnetism is in part conditioned by the quality of your mind – as we have discussed before.

As much as you may think that you have full control over your thoughts and you know exactly what you are thinking about, this is only true in around 10% of your day. The other 90% you are completely oblivious to what’s happening, since, not only do you need to understand WHAT are you thinking about, but also the very QUALITY of that thought.

That’s one thing that defines your magnetism.

We go into this in depth in our 10 Steps to Inner Power training.

And that’s only ONE of the reasons our mind power is fundamental for personal magnetism. I’m preparing a video that will go in depth into this topic.

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