Improve your Will Connection

Most people think about using their Will in small things that they don’t want to do or they must do.
On the last email you’ve seen how this is actually not enough to develop the “Will”.
Here’s a tip on how you can improve this Will connection in a somewhat easy way:The connection to your Will gets stronger when you push it in particularly difficult situations.

If, in a difficult or very uncomfortable situation, you can actually use your own Will to change your own mental state, there are a lot of bonus points to be gained here.

When you return to a more comfortable situation you feel an increase in your own power.

It doesn’t matter what this situation is.

Let’s say you are travelling in a foreign country and you find yourself in a though situation that you need to get out from.

You are alone and have no one to help you.

Maybe your first reaction is to crawl into some hole and cry. Or panic. Or whatever other emotional reaction you might have.

But, if on that situation, you actually gain the clarity of mind to connect to your Will and to change your mental state to one of strength and power, then this Will connection gets deepened.

It’s like you carve your path to the Will in a particularly bad situation, so that an easier situation is no longer a challenge for you.

But remember that it’s not about pushing through. It’s about the change in your mental state and Will connection.

The actual feeling you experience is not one of “suffering”. It’s not like you do it but are suffering throughout the whole thing.

This feeling of “suffering” has not place in the connection to your Will.

It’s always a feeling of power that you connect to.

If you are still “suffering” through this whole situation, then you aren’t doing the right thing. You are just heading to a breaking point sometime in the future.

You need this feeling of power. This feeling of connecting to an interior source that gives you a renewed strength.

When this happens, then you know you’re connecting to your Will!

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