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The increasing pressure of modern life, with all of its anxieties, constitutes an ever increasing tax upon our energy.It’s hardly surprising that nervous breakdowns, depression and many others psychological illnesses are one of the most significant causes for disease of our age.

Yet, while, on the one hand, we see men and women so badly adapted to these demands and pressures, on the other hand, we can see many individuals which seemed to be filled with power and charisma.

It’s like these modern pressures doesn’t hit them.

Or it makes them stronger.

What’s their secret?

Mastery of energy. Tension energy, sexual energy or other kind. They – often unconsciously – use this energy in order to renew their sources of power.

I had a private training client a few years ago that had traumatic issues from his time in the military. He was once a young man full of vitality and now could barely walk a mile.

It’s like his energy was gone. Even as we handled his traumas from war, his negative emotions, yet, his vitality and will to live, was still very low.

I finally put him up to work with his own tension energy and also sexual energy. He learned how to feel it, understand it, direct it, and use it as he wanted.

We recognize many blocks that were stopping his energy from flowing inside of his body. And as we fixed, one after the other, his energy gradually increased. He now had even more energy than a 20 year old guy he was when he was in the army.

Tension energy and Sexual energy – the energy work we use at Charisma School – can hinder you or boost you to success… learn how to use it so you’re not held back because of it!

To learn tension energy, there’s no better course than the Magnetic Gaze Foundations.

Magnetic Gaze Foundations

It’s not only about the eyes or gaze, but it directly covers the tension energy work in detail.

And to work with sexual energy, we have the Sexual Magnetism course. This teaches you how to recognize and work with this energy with the goal of generating attraction.

Sexual Magnetism

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