Increasing the training time

When doing any Charisma School training you may want to increase the training hours. Maybe you feel the training hours are not enough, or that you want to evolve faster than with just the training plans provided.

So you may want to do more, more exercises or spending more time with the exercises.

But that’s not necessarily a good alternative or a good choice.

It depends on the exercise and it depends on your current level of development.

Certain exercises are more prone to increase training hours, while others are a complete no-no.

For example, energy awareness exercises tend to be suitable to do for as long you want. They have no time limit.

There’s no drawback into doing them for as long as you want.

Keep in mind that I wrote: energy AWARENESS exercises. Other types of energy exercises such as those for increasing the energy in you can have hazardous consequences, such as anxiety, irritability and so on. If you get too much energy running in you, you can get your whole system in overflow.

Exercises like the eye exercises in Magnetic Gaze can also be physically demanding for your eyes and have the same consequences as too much physical exercise. Sometimes it leads to burnout and overtraining. That’s why you should stick with the recommended guidelines – get all the benefits without any drawbacks.

Regarding your current level of development: it can have a big impact.

If you are a beginner, doing too many exercises too soon due to initial motivation can lead to burnout, IF you are not used to these type of practices.

It’s much better to get a stable, consistent practice – even if shorter – than a short burst of a longer practice during a couple of weeks and then getting tired of it and eventually quitting.

When you are already advanced in your level of development, it’s different. You can select periods of practice where you increase your training time, even having a few days of retreat only for practices. You already feel the effects of your practice quite well, so you can judge for yourself.

Whenever you don’t know the right road to take on any Charisma School training, or you want to customize it in any way for your situation, remember that you can always email me and ask.

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