Increasing your Spark

The mastery over your own energies is not just a curiosity for those who are mystically inclined.

It’s a useful tool for everyday life and for everyone.

It’s a knowledge and practice that can help you in achieving charisma, influence, personal magnetism

Vitality, vigour, physical and mental energy!

With energy mastery you can be wide awake, full of energy and expressing life in every sense.

Many times you can be just sleepwalking through life, never fully awake and using minimum levels of energy.

Because of this you don’t truly achieve what you want to achieve.

How could you?

With this lack of mental and/or physical energy it’s very hard to be able to do the activities you need.

Vitality expresses itself:

1) Mentally: having big amount of energy flowing through your brain helps you to maintain your focus
and attention!

2) Physically: in physically being able to withstand more and endure more. In doing the same things you
already do but with more spark!

3) Energetically: everything seems to be flowing smoothly inside of you! No blocks stopping your way
to health and vigour!

4) Relationships: no one likes to hang out with someone who is constantly down and with low energy. Everyone loves those filled with spark and vitality!

In fact, the development of crazy amounts of vitality and vigour as well as a powerful energy sensitivity is the goal of a Charisma School brand new training:

how you can attain more physical and mental energy, a new vigour of life and spark!

More news tomorrow!

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