Infusing Movement with Sexuality

One of the ways you have to affirm yourself as a sexually attractive person is to master sexual energy and its projection. Not only do you develop the sexual energy inside of yourself, but you also project it to the outside world.So it’s as much of an internal development as well as an external one.You want to change the quality of your energy, of your mind, your movements, your gaze to a sexual one.

This means that you exude sexuality in everything you do. This can be a male sexuality or a female type of sexuality.

A female type of sexuality was very well developed by the Japanese Geishas, who were female entertainers very popular in the XVIII century.

Not only did they developed several performing arts (like music and dance) but everything was done with a covert sexuality.

No, they weren’t considered hookers.

But their sexuality was OFF THE CHARTS.

In their training, this was practiced over and over again until everything they did was infused with female sexuality: from serving a cup of tea, to when they dance or simply stand up.

How many of us thought about infusing these simple acts and movements with sexuality?

Modern life simply goes by too fast for you to think of the way you stand up or sit down or drink a cup of coffee.

Obviously that as a man you don’t need the same type of gentleness and tenderness that a female type of sexuality displays, but you would benefit a great deal in infusing everything you do with a touch of male sexuality.

That’s a key!

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