The Inner Power Struggle

When you start to train your Will and inner power you start to reduce or eliminate your automatic process of living.

Instead of constantly be running on auto-pilot with very little effort, you now need a focused attention and a strong intention.

This is more demanding that you might think at first glance.

You are usually so comfortable in our auto pilot mode and your way of thinking, feeling and living than any change is enough to cause stress.

And so you think that you are not cut out for this and its impossible to develop inner power.

Paradoxically, the antidote to this stress is the same focused attention, Will and mental state control.

These uncomfortable and stressful feelings are merely a reaction of your mind to your newly found control.

Just think about a horse who was always allowed to roam free and is now being tamed. Of course it is going to try to rebel.

This is the cause of the uncomfortable feelings when inner power training starts. When this happens, all you need to do is tighten your leash.

It’s not giving up!

No, quite the opposite. Is to keep at it and increase your inner power skills until you have a firm control.

Yet, some people stay in this uncomfortable feelings and never do this extra push.

Uncomfortable feelings are normal and expected in this work.

If you just stay inside your confort zone and only want to feel warm and cozy, then it’s going to be hard to have any kind of inner growth.

But just because uncomfortable feelings happen, it doesn’t mean you should just give up.

Work with them, learn with them and grow with them.

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>>> 10 Steps to Inner Power

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