Internal vs external magnetism

A student asked me about a very magnetic friend that had severe trauma in his past, gets depressed often and pretty much breaks every rule in the book about inner power.

According to what we talk about magnetism, it shouldn’t be possible… right?

Yes, it can.

Many (but not all) traumatized individuals (unconsciously) create a mask that they offer to the outside world. And they use this mask in certain public situations even though they may feel depressed frequently.

This mask can be very strong and project a good amount of magnetism since they deeply bury their trauma and negative feelings as they wear it.

It’s like to what actors do in their movies. They may be extremely magnetic on screen, and not have even half of that magnetism in real life.

This is about training only the projection. If your projection is good, magnetic enough and resonates with a magnetic energy, then you’ll be magnetic. It’s as simple as that.

What we teach in Charisma School is to be congruent on the inside and outside. Not to fake it when you need it or to create a mask (like a “traumatized” or “depressed” magnetic individual).

Hence the work on inner power, unblocking and so forth.

That kind of external magnetism is indeed easier to achieve. You train yourself to bury the negative feelings as hard as you can and create a solid projection based on magnetic energy.

It can work well on the short term since it’s quite faster to achieve. Although the long term consequences are not that good as you might expect.

When you bury negative feelings, they will return with a vengeance sooner or later.

It’s up to you what you want to develop. We, in Charisma School, chose to train in the congruence between inside and outside. We want to create a solid and permanent magnetism that can go with you throughout life. That’s our choice.

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