Is IQ the same as mind power?

An interesting question from a reader was brought forward based on last week’s video:“Is IQ the same as mind power?”

In order to answer this question it’s easier if you recall persons with high IQ. Great students, writers, scientists, and other men (and women) with highly developed intellectual power. These men are generally not magnetic in our use of the word. They do not project a strong energy, radiate sexuality or have strong influencing ability.

Naturally there are exceptions, but we usually don’t associate a scientist or an academic researcher to magnetism and charisma.

They may have raw intellectual power, but they haven’t developed the physical magnetic energy nor the mind power. Their Will is not particularly strong, nor their emanations of power.

By contrast, you can think of the more magnetic persons you meet. Especially those who success depends upon the strong effect they produce upon other persons. Maybe a business leader, or a public speaker, or a lawyer. Even if they don’t have a particularly high IQ, you can recognize their projection of power and energy.

Fortunately for all of us, you don’t need a high IQ to develop charisma or mind power. Even concentration alone can be developed by those with less than average IQ.

Mind power is much more related to the ability to control your focus and your Will, than to the reasoning ability. Of course they are both beneficial to your life, so it’s all about your priorities and what you need at any given moment.

Sometimes a high IQ can even be detrimental to the development of magnetism due to the constant need of analysing and reasoning about everything that is going on. If you can’t control this tendency, you’re going to have a hard time developing magnetic energy.

The development of this energy is much more “visceral” than it is intellectual. It’s much more related to what you feel than to what you think. And for that, you don’t need a high IQ, just a strong awareness and Will.

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