Is increasing the energy always the solution?

Often, the first concern of students is to increase their own energy. Whether sexual energy, or tension energy, the main goal is to increase it.

“Let’s have more energy, so that my magnetism can get stronger.” – it’s the common thought and logic.

And it’s true that you do need energy exercises and you do need to increase the energy.

But, in 99% of the times, increasing the energy feels like you are trying to fill a leaky bucket.

You are increasing it on one end and losing it on another end.

Energy work must be done with the focus not just on increasing the energy, but also on fixing your own leaks and blocks that make you lose the energy that you are working hard to gain.

Otherwise, you’ll never evolve.

This is like you are working hard to make some money and every month a large amount is deposited in your account, yet your bank takes 99% of it in fees. You are making a lot of money on one end, but you are losing most of it on the other.

When will you actually become rich? Not anytime soon.

This is exactly what happens with energy, with two points:

1) Leaking energy: you are wasting it away with many behaviors. That’s what we work on fixing on the 10 Steps to Inner Power. We focus on fixing many common behaviors (both internal and external) that make you lose energy.

2) Blocked energy: When you have many blocks inside your body, the energy can’t flow. It’s like a road is filled with traffic and accidents, and you can’t get through. Of course, doing more energy exercises won’t fix that.

That’s what we fix in The Unblocking Process: clearing the energy blocks that you have inside, allowing the energy to flow freely. If the energy can’t flow, your magnetism won’t be felt.

Instead of focusing so much on increasing the energy, don’t lose sight of the other end!

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