Is the tech evolution good?

We live in an age of amazing technological developments.

If anyone from the beginning of the XIX century were to drop suddenly on the XXI century, he would think that we were all amazing magicians.

After all, we can easily speak – and see! – someone on the other side of the globe, we could tap into a small magic box and all of a sudden have someone pick us up, or dropping food – and without giving him any money; best of all, we can access pretty much all human knowledge in this same small magic box!

You want to know about the Second World War, no problem! Just ask that small helper woman who lives inside the small magic box and is ready to serve you 24h a day!

We can’t help but wonder with all these amazing achievements of the human race.

But, as great as all this is, humans are more than technological advances.

We also have our own mind, emotion, body and energy. And, unfortunately, there’s not a corresponding advancement in them.

Even with all these amazing scientific evolutions, we still remain with the same ignorance of energy, the same mental handicaps and hard to control emotional states.

I would expect that the tech evolution would also accompany the internal evolution and a much larger awareness of the energetic concept. But that wasn’t the case.

Ok, so that’s not entirely true.

Fortunately, ancient disciplines like yoga and QiGong came to rescue and brought energy awareness to our modern collective consciousness.

But even so, we need to much more in order to achieve a significant development.

When we can understand and manipulate the energy of our bodies, a new amazing evolution can take place. One that complements quite nicely the technological evolution.

Not only would we have the mastery over external elements, but we also have the mastery over the internal elements.

We will be able to finally (and easily) control our mental states, emotional states, energetic movements and so on.

Charisma School is also playing its own small role in this evolution of men into a higher state, not in terms of technology, but in energy, mind, body and emotions.

That’s our purpose and what we want to accomplish.

Personal and Sexual Magnetism and Charisma is a proof of concept. If you can achieve this with only mind, body and energy training, then just imagine what else can you accomplish!

Whenever you are ready to start, begin with our flagship course of 10 Steps to Inner Power!

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