Is this sexual energy?

Here’s an interesting question from a reader:

“I had a few women glancing at me. When I was presenting a speech today. When I first open my mouth I noticed my lecture (female) having her eyes wide open and my female partners where fidgeting and shy around me. Some girls could not maintain eye contact. Is this sexual energy?”

All attraction necessarily has a component of sexual energy.

So if you are eliciting sexual attraction from another person, there’s for sure sexual energy in there, simply because sexual energy is part of sexual attraction and overall desire.

Now… that doesn’t mean that your sexual energy is strong and that you are sexually magnetic.

Others can be attracted by many different reasons: by your looks, your social status, your money, etc.

None of them are related to sexual magnetism.

Sexual magnetism is when you can project your own sexual energy in a way that causes attraction in others.

It’s not related to how you are dressed, how stylish is your hair or how much money you have in your bank account.

It’s purely energetic without being dependent upon anything else.

In other words, just because you attract someone in a particular situation it doesn’t mean you are sexually magnetic.

If you are a great public speaker, then you can elicit this attraction without necessarily being sexually magnetic, but because you are in a position of power and you are handling it well.

Now, if you are consistently quite successful in sexually attracting others regardless of the situation you are in, then most likely you are sexually magnetic.

Only you can know this for sure.

In sexual magnetism, your sexual energy is projected strongly and naturally outside of you and create attraction regardless of anything else.

And that is our goal with our training programs.

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