Your influencing powers are never truly “off”. They never disconnect. They don’t have an “on” and “off” switch like many people think.

It’s common to believe you need to be in a certain influencing mode to be successful.

Far from it.

You are influencing whether you think you are on the right “mode” or not.

Every word, glance, touch, movement, thought affects everyone around you. It ALWAYS transmits your energy and influence regardless if you think you are influencing or not.

You are like a radio emitter (and receiver!), which is on all the time. Even if you think your microphone is mute, it is still broadcasting.

That’s why having a firm control over your energy and mind is imperative.

It’s not enough to turn on the autopilot and let it ride.

Quite the opposite. The more in control of yourself, your thoughts, your intentions, your projections, your energy you are, the best chance you have to achieve your goals in life and become charismatic and magnetic.

When you place an intention to influence toward some objective, then great! At least you have a goal in
your mind. And if you have trained in projection and energy, then the odds are in your favour.

The problem is when you don’t think you are influencing. Then you are sending your “natural” energy.

Nothing wrong with that.

But it’s heavily dependent of the quality of your energy and mind.

If you already have an energy conductive to the overall of your goals – like sexual attraction for example – then everything you do, even when you don’t think you’re doing anything, will move you toward that goal.

On the other hand, if your energy is weak (or have a negative quality) and you are lacking of inner power, then you are constantly moving on the opposite direction of what you want.

Hence the importance of training your mind and energy with specific trainings and exercises which change their inherent nature.

That’s what we start to do in the 10 Steps to Inner Power training: