It’s easier to do something than to be something

Exercises and techniques are a central part of our Charisma School training.

But they are not the whole of our training.

Our training is to become charismatic and magnetic. The techniques can help you get specific skills you need to achieve that goal.

But the main goal is not to simply do those techniques. Instead, it’s to transform yourself into a magnetic and charismatic individual.

Just because you do X and Y technique doesn’t mean you can become magnetic.

While it’s essential to focus on the technique and improve them as much as possible, you must maintain sight of the primary goal.

You can easily get lost and do the practices as a “ritual” while forgetting why you’re doing them in the first place.

This happens because it’s easier to DO something than to BE something.

We can all DO something. But we can’t all BE something since it’s more work and more awareness.

Doing something doesn’t necessarily involve much thought. You can do something with brute force without any wisdom or awareness.

But practicing a technique with awareness and consciousness about what you’re doing (and why you’re doing it) is a lot different.

It forces you to BE something rather than only doing it. You must be conscious and position yourself into a specific identity to do it well.

And that’s the whole key to the training. If you understand this, you won’t have any problem becoming magnetic and charismatic.

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