It’s not in a vault

Just because our mind and energy seem hidden, it doesn’t mean others won’t feel them.

We usually assume that our faults, bad thoughts, and negative energy are safely walled in. No one can see them; no one knows them.

So, no harm is done.

But that’s not the truth. There is no way to create a cage for your thoughts and energy.

They interpenetrate all barriers. It’s not like you can hold them in like a vault, and no one will know. It contaminates and projects to everything around you.

When you feel negative for whatever reason, others will feel it even if you disguise it well.

If your thoughts are constantly negative, this will radiate all around you. Positive people will get away from you, and you will attract negative events and people you don’t want in your life.

It’s not like your internal vices stay hidden, never to get out. They are walled in. Not at all.

You are projecting them 24/7.

That’s why your inner life must be quite healthy and disciplined—both in terms of your thoughts and energy. You need to process all the negativity inside so that it doesn’t radiate to the outside.

You are releasing the blocks, connecting with the energy you want to project, and letting go of what you don’t want.

When this happens, then you’ll begin having the life you want.

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