How to keep your energy flowing

We have discussed the Will State before.

And it’s so important that a bonus training on the Will State is freely available to all students in the Charisma School curriculum.

An important thing to add is that the Will State is not merely a technique to use when you see fit. It’s not just a cup of coffee to drink when you need to.

Yes, you can use it with this limited scope in mind.

But it’s part of something bigger.

The Will State doesn’t mean much without true Inner Power and Energy training. If you just apply the Will State as some sort of state management, to “pump” yourself up, you’re losing on its potential.

When you use it alongside with a training on Inner Power and Energy training, it quadruples it’s effects.

The energy just keeps flowing constantly in your body with an active and directed force from your Will. It works as a pump for energy renewal inside of you, as well as, increasing its projection.

You see, the Will State is a state that connects body, mind and energy and moves them according to your Will.

This creates movement and doesn’t allow the energies of your body to move as they see fit. In other words, it STOPS the unconscious – and your previous blocks and negative beliefs – to take over.

Instead, YOU take over.

It’s like you have stagnant water in a pool, and all of sudden you activate the pump and get the water moving! It renews your energies and get them to move. It activates and invigorates you.

The effects are, of course, a lot more energy and vitality. It’s not like you begin to run around as a headless chicken. No, your mind, body and energy all align themselves around your Will.

You gain a sense of purpose.

Start your road to Inner Power with the:
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And when you’re ready, begin to train to manipulate and becoming aware of your energies with the:
>>> Vitality and Energy Training

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