Laziness as the strongest passion

The psychologist Carl Jung mentioned that laziness is the strongest passion of humans. Even more significant than sex or anything else.

I tend to agree with him.

Going from an inert state to an action state takes considerable energy. Much more than keeping in motion.

It’s much easier to add one extra hour to someone with a busy schedule than for someone in bed all day to start doing any small thing.

You can see this very well in any Will training. It seems like we don’t have any Will when we start. It’s pretty hard to do anything, but once the training is underway and you get into the habit of applying the Will, it becomes much more manageable.

Energy in motion stays in motion.

Applying that energy in the first place is quite an insurmountable task. We get stuck into a comfortable position with an energy dynamic that we are comfortable in. Changing it requires much more energy.

It’s an act of Will.

But it’s an important one. Otherwise, we will be stuck in the same loop – or energy dynamic – for years. We blink, and 10 years have gone by without having changed it.

What you need to keep in mind is that although you may need a lot of energy and Will to get out of your current state, maintaining a new and improved state will take as much energy as you are using now. The hard part is the start. Staying in motion will not be hard.

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