Living in your animal body

We, human beings, possess significant advantages over animals (and yes, the thumb is certainly one of them!). However, one of the most crucial advantages we have is the ability to feel and control our natural instincts.

Just because you feel like punching Bob from accounting doesn’t mean you will. Unlike a wild animal, which lacks control and becomes a slave to its urges.

Whatever the animal is pulled to do, it will do.

But we can develop the freedom to choose our behaviors.

The problem is that most of us still live chained to our impulses and reactions.

We continue to live like animals, and even though we can elevate our natural instincts to a different energy quality; we still (unconsciously) choose to follow them.

Understanding this is straightforward. Just observe what drives your behavior. Why do you act the way you do? What is prompting you to action?

You’ll notice that some impulse in your body prompts you to act the way you do. And I’m not just referring to the natural actions we all must take in day-to-day life (sleep, eat, etc.).

I’m talking about a much broader range of actions: like where you place your attention, what you do, where you go, etc.

You may think that “you” (your higher conscious mind or Will) is deciding all of this, but your animal body is deciding more than you think.

That’s why we need awareness of what’s happening in your body, mind, and emotions. Only this way can you truly know yourself and finally have some freedom from the automatic reactions built throughout your life.

Only after this work in energetic awareness and learning how to handle what you feel does your Will finally call the shots.

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