Have you lost your sexual energy?

Here’s an interesting question from a reader:

“I don’t quite understand if I’m supposed to feel the sexual energy 24/7. For me the energy starts at the base of the spine and goes upwards and branches out. I feel it sometimes, and other times I don’t feel it at all.”

Sexual energy works the same way as any type of energy.

First you learn to become aware of it, then you start feeling it and seeing it everywhere (in yourself and others), and, with the continuation of its development, it starts to feel strongly in you.

After a while, it stops feeling that strongly in you.

Many students think it disappeared and they lost it.

Far from it. Just because you don’t feel it that strongly anymore, it doesn’t mean the energy is not present inside of yourself.

The strong feeling is replaced by a sort of a subtle continued feeling.

Which makes complete sense, if you think about it.

Having a strong energy feeling often disturbs your own peace of mind and the normal occurring of your day. It’s hard to have a normal day while feeling a strong energetic current all the time.

So, as a defense mechanism, your mind reduces the intensity of this energetic feeling. It doesn’t mean your sexual energy is less than before.

Quite the opposite. Now that it established a baseline, it has much more room to grow!

So how do you know if you’ve really lost it or if your mind just reduced the intensity?

Both the Sexual Energy Mastery and Sexual Magnetism training have specific exercises to know this very accurately!

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