Magnetic Gaze exercise

On the Magnetic Gaze course there’s exercises to develop your gaze into a more powerful, more magnetic gaze.One type of exercises is the fixed gaze.

On these exercises, you pretty much stare with your eyes wide open and unblinking into a dot or your third eye.

And someone asked me: “What’s the point of this? What’s the point of looking at a dot?”

That’s fair question.

I mean, if you think about it, it seems rather silly that you should take time out of your day just to look at a random dot on the wall.

Yet, this is a very good exercise that used along with the tension energy and Will development, it can create real changes in your eyes.

It’s necessary to understand that this exercise is not just “staring into a random dot”. By doing it with a firm intention and unblinking, you’re actually bringing more energy into your eyes, making them filled with vital energy, which in turn, makes them more magnetic.

By having more vital energy in your eyes, people can’t help but be drawn by them. The more nergy you pump into them, the more they have the power to fascinate.

And especially when you join the penetrative gaze from Magnetic Gaze Level 2 and the symbology work from the Magnetic Gaze Level 3 to this exercise, it creates a very powerful exercise to be done anytime anywhere that can truly create VITAL and MAGNETIC eyes.

Of course, this is just one exercise out of many and definitely not enough to develop a true Magnetic Gaze. You still need to develop the Will and Energy.

But it’s enough to give you a good taste of what it’s like to have it.

To start developing your Magnetic Gaze, you can start with our Foundations course which will teach you all the basics to start working with the gaze:

Magnetic Gaze Foundations

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