Magnetic Gaze Influence Without Words

Here’s a question from a reader of this newsletter:

“I’d like to ask a question about the Magnetic Gaze courses – the website says that the gaze can be used to influence people to do certain things.

But can this be done even if we don’t speak that person’s language? If the gaze command is mental can it be sent regardless of the language they speak?”

The short answer is yes.

But I need to elaborate on it.

The energy you use with the Magnetic Gaze, or pretty much any Charisma School energy training (like with sexual energy) is entirely non-verbal.

We are using energy and not words to achieve a certain effect.

You can observe and feel personal magnetism on someone, regardless of their language. And as such, influence is always present.

Especially in something like attraction, this is heavily seen, since many people just feel this sexual attraction toward someone despite of their language or even if they can’t understand one another.

There are many couples who get together despite never having said one word to each other. The energy is alone is enough.

The Magnetic Gaze is no exception and works under the same principle.

It works something like this:

You decide on the mental command, “codify it” into energy, send the energy through your gaze, the receiver then receives the impulse for doing something, they “decodify it” into their own language.

They receive an impulse and not words. So it can’t be a complex influence you’re giving. It’s not like it would be a walk in a park if you want to influence them in picking the “pistachio with honey” flavor of ice cream. But it would be easier to make someone else attracted for example. The energy you send is much more straightforward.

This is of course, in the lower levels of the MG. In higher levels however, different rules apply. With advanced students, a different kind of work is done.

Start your learning experience of the Magnetic Gaze with Level 1 Foundations.

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